The Briefest of Introductions
by Balanone
Updated October, 2000

Some months after my II° Recognition within the Temple of Set, Ronald K. Barrett Uttered the Word of Xem, and shortly after was Recognized as the second Magus IV° of the Aeon of Set by Magus Michael Aquino, High Priest of the Temple of Set, and then was confirmed as such by the Council of Nine. Dr. Aquino then stepped down from the office of High Priest, and the Chairman of the Council of Nine appointed Magus Barrett to that position.

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Magus Barrett led and inspired the Temple of Set for several years, until May of 1982 CE, when Ronald K. Barrett resigned from the Temple of Set. Events that summer were traumatic for the Temple, and almost all of us put Xem aside, for varying periods of time.

My own studies were reignited by nagging questions left over from my earlier studies, and they resulted in a 26-page analysis of Xem published in the Ruby Tablet of Set (35 pages, if you count the appendix and bibliography).

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Years passed, and challenged by one of our Priests, I recently (Autumn of 2000) offered this definition of Xem:

The Definition of Xem
  • Xem is an achievable state of Being far in advance of that Recognized by the Temple's degree system, reflecting levels of knowledge, understanding, and power which can be called godlike.
  • Xem is a State (society) of Beings who have achieved Xem as described above.
The Methods of Achieving Xem
  • Identification of the Self, its essential qualities and attributes.
  • Identification of that Purpose or Function which Drives and Satisfies the Self.
  • Unification of Self and Function, such that performing the Function increases and advances the Self, and such that Being the Self advances and performs the Function.
The rest is commentary.

The process of achieving/becoming Xem is an arduous one, which needs to be taken seriously, by a devoted initiate, when the time is right.

The process of achieving/becoming Xem is a difficult and treacherous one, for exposing all of those secrets about ourselves is painful and often dangerous. Of those Setians who have worked toward Xem, there are several who are making good progress, and there are many who have flamed out in frightening ways.

Because of those latter, I have decided to no longer speak as freely of Xem as I have in the past. My discussions concerning Xem will be limited to active members of the Temple of Set, and to only a subset of those, who meet criteria which I hope will enable them to approach Xem in a balanced and successful manner.

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