The Will

Don Webb V°, High Priest

I have read the [March, 1998] thread on Xepera-L on the Will with interest, and I thought I would share my ideas on the Will and its nature.

Will does not come from the processes of the Cosmos, but from hard actions of individuals. It can be gained and trained.

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The Will is an non-mechanistic attractor that works on consciousness, and therefore on events. If invoked without lust for results, it is the single most powerful force that an individual can possess.

The Will brings thought back to Itself. Our thoughts wander everywhere. Within a minute you can think about sex, magic, money, snack foods, your neighbors, elephants, politics, and the name of that guy in your third grade class that ate paper. The Will, like a magnet, keeps bringing thought back to a theme.

The Will can affect the thoughts of others. People will show up in your life, and tell you things. People will give you things. You will have opportunities and strange "failures" that lead to success, if your Will is strong.

The Will is not connected to the mechanistic universe. It isn't what you use to get a new car, or a certain job. It is what you use for general principles, such as Will-To-Wealth. That may help you get a job, or it may help read a certain issue of the Wall Street Journal or it may make that banker in the bus tell you your problems.

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But more than that It makes you pay attention to what you hear, or have the courage to step into an new area of your life.

Once the Will is strong, fear and anxiety begin to disappear.

The Will is made strong by disconnecting it to results.

If you invoke the Will (for say) wealth, you work on keeping the invocation strong. You don't let it get to you that you are still working as a waiter. You look for other work, just like everyone else, but you keep your invocation strong. Eventually -- and you will always be surprised how this snuck up on you you will have obtained your goal.

If you try to focus your Will on a particular event, you will know failure and sadness and give up the magical Quest.

The Will is not an arrow, shot at a target. It is way of Being that soaks through you into all of your thoughts, words, and deeds -- and then out into the world finding either lesser Wills to dominate, or similar of equal Wills to act in synergy with.

>From such synergies come the possibilities of Schools of Initiation.

Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law. Great Is The Might Of Set, Greater Still He Through Us.

Don Webb V°

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