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This is an extremely brief introduction to the Temple of Set. For a slightly more in-depth introduction, see More About the Temple of Set.

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  • The Temple of Set is a philosophical organization.
    • We explore the ancient Egyptian principle of Xeper (roughly translated as "self-improvement" or "self-creation").
    • We explore the other philosophical ideas represented as gods by ancient societies.
  • The Temple of Set is an initiatory organization.
    • We are dedicated to the growth and development of our members.
    • We recognize several Degrees of growth, and identify our members by their level of progress.
    • Each Degree is indicated by the color of a member's medallion. The medallion itself is the Pentagram of Set, a point-down pentagram within a circle.Pentagram of Set
      • First Degree -- White
      • Second Degree -- Red
      • Third Degree -- Black
      • Fourth Degree -- Blue
      • Fifth Degree -- Purple
      • Sixth Degree -- Gold
  • The Temple of Set is a religion, recognized as a religion by the state of California and the federal government.
    • We believe in the existence of a being named Set, once called a god by ancient Egyptians.
    • We are an unusual religion in several ways:
      • We have no permanent building or church.
      • We do not "worship" Set as most religions would use that word.
      • We don't require religious belief of our members.
  • We may look strange, but we're good people.
    • We enjoy dressing in costume for a variety of activities.
    • We are deeply committed to improving our lives and our selves.
    • We believe in personal honor, integrity, and ethics.
Pentagram of Set

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