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I hate spam. I hate spam more than most people, since the various email accounts I own or manage receive several hundred spam a day.

One of the best anti-spam tools I've seen is Spam Assassin, which scans inbound email and scores it depending upon a variety of rules to determine whether it is likely to be spam or not. If Spam Assassin thinks yes, it gives the email a high score, and provides documentation in the email about why it seems to be spam.

I have updated my email client filters to recognize this documentation, and to automatically place any flagged email into a spam folder. This eliminates over 99% of all the spam which reaches me.

Sure, there's some tuning that can be done to improve Spam Assassin's accuracy, but the time I spend doing that tuning is MUCH less than the time I used to spend creating filter after filter after filter within my email client!

Spam Assassin has saved me so much time and effort that I have moved all my personal domains and web sites to hosts that provide Spam Assassin capabilities. I appreciate Spam Assassin so much, that I have dedicated this page to listing web hosts and email mosts which provide Spam Assassin filtering to their customers.

Note: I have no business relationship with any of these hosts or companies, and cannot be responsible for their activities or business. The only qualification needed to appear on this list is that they provide Spam Assassin filtering capabilities for email delivered to domains that they host.

Host Name Primary URL Commentary Date Listed or Updated
Coyote Technical Services, LLC

"This is hosting by geeks for geeks.

"If you don't know how to setup your mail or ftp program, then we're probably not the best fit for you.

"What we do offer is Bang for the Buck. We're not going to try and compete based on price. We're not the cheapest around. We admit it. However, we feel that we offer the best value for your money. We not only offer a generous number of mailboxes and aliases, we have a control panel that you can use to add, delete or change your mail settings at any time, day or night! We have installed Spam Assassin and make it available to you to use to tag suspicious messages. We feel you'll find the value of our services outdistance those low-price hosting services."

June 1, 2003
Envision Studio
Web design company that provides hosting services. Minimal info on web site, but can be well worth looking into. June 1, 2003
Discount host with a lot of flexibility. June 1, 2003
" of the most unique providers of web hosting stuff that you'll ever have the strange experience to come across. DrakNet is much more than just web hosting. It's online editing. It's quirky tech support. It's a way of life. (Ok, not really.)" Not as much Spam Assassin flexibility as some, but the filtering works. June 1, 2003
Easy Hosts
Small host, personal service. Their mission statement: "Easyhosts will craft the greatest quality web space with an unparalleled level of service creating the best value in the World Wide Web." June 1, 2003
Inexpensive hosting, and all sorts of web and application development for those who need it. June 1, 2003
Outlaw Net "We are a unique business in that we are located at Sisters High School and provide class support for real hands-on, adult-guided work-experience for students in the OutlawNet Internet/computer class. In addition to this, OutlawNet supports the Sisters School District in a variety of ways, including monetary support, service support, technical support and hardware upgrade support. Pretty remarkable in this day and age!" June 1, 2003 " is a small web hosting & internet service provider located in Pleasant Hill, CA." Their services include virus filtering and spam filtering for $5/mo. June 28, 2003 networking services

"Hub.Org Networking Services, formed in 1996, is a full service web hosting company. We strive to provide our clientele with everything they require in order to develop a successful web presence.
"We offer a variety of options, including U.S. and non-U.S. (offshore) hosting locations and services, to ensure that all our clients have the best of global hosting solutions and accessibility."
June 28, 2003


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