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Roger Whitaker IV°, Oct. 1996
(posted to the Setian mailing list)
edited by: Balanone, Apr. 1998

I think it is vital to distinguish religious Setians - such as myself, Balanone, Magister Kelly, and others - as particular aspects of the process of Self improvement and individual growth we call XEPER. It was as a result of MY Xeper that I became a religious Setian, that is where MY Work led me. However, what constitutes the elements which manifest as this "religious understanding" for me may very well not work for anyone else, nor ideally should it (except for those wondrous cases of synchronicity). There is no single Path, and no sure destination of where that path may lead you. The important considerations: Are you Xepering? Do you continue to grow?

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Now, you can Xeper and not be a religious Setian, but you can't be a true religious Setian without Xeper - if the term is to have any substantive meaning. Each of us follows a path of our own making; where this path inevitably leads the individual is indeed a grand mystery, one which constitutes the wonder, beauty and Artistry of the LHP.

As Adepts and First Degree Setians, it becomes important to understand that the religious Setians do not have any expectation nor desire for you to join them. It is something which will, or will not happen as a result of your Work, study and magic. It has no bearing on how far you will Xeper, for there is no organizational privilege attached to crossing over into religious Setianism. It is something each must decide for themselves based upon their experience in the active process of Xeper.

I have read all of the materials mentioned recently on this list: Dawkins, Hoffer, the classical philosophers, and the "pop" quantum physics materials. But along with this I have read Ouspensky, deLubicz, Crowley, ancient Egyptian magical texts, the works of Magus Flowers, and much more. It is the vital act of synthesis which leads me to the next horizon, and which led me to my own religiosity. I studied these materials; they led me to a point in my perceptions where I was faced with a decision to "create that which is my own" or to not synthesize the vast amount of diverse information I had inputted and let it lay as individual components. There comes a point where something must be made (for you Tarot enthusiasts check out the 10 of disks in the Book of Thoth). I correlated this info with my own observations of self, and here I am: a religious Setian. But, it is only conclusive through my own personal filters, experience, and feeling, as it will be for each and every one of you.

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Some years ago, the late Priestess Betty Ford sent me something I would like to share with you. It was a framed quote:

Make-believe partakes of the nature of a magical ritual. We not only pretend to be what we are not, but by staging our pretense, we strive to conjure and bring into existence a new genuineness. The strange thing is that often this conjuring act succeeds, and we become what we pretend to be.
- Eric Hoffer

This applies to the world of a Dawkins well as that of Crowley...

One of the great wonders of the Temple is that there is ample room for both the religious and non-religious Setians to Xeper. This is an aspect of our overall approach that gives significance to the philosophy, and makes us very distinct from the other "occult" magical groups. It is our differences which serve the goals of Xeper for the non religious Setian; it is our differences which serve the goals of the Prince of Darkness for us religious Setians. We are all Setian. Our experiences and apprehensions are all unique to the particular constructs we lay our consciousness upon.

May you each Become what you Seek to Be in your Mystery.

Magister Roger Whitaker IV° MOTr
(a romanticist at heart)
Rey'n til Runa

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