Nobility -- One Setian's View

Peter Bitstein, III°
October, 1996
Quoted from a private mailing list

Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, unless measures are taken to prevent this. Just as powerful politicians, powerful businessmen, and powerful athletes are subject to this danger, so are powerful magicians. Setians seek to become powerful magicians, and also to avoid corruption, in Setian terms to become Higher Beings.

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One method many Setians adopt revolves around the concept of Nobility. This ideal harkens back to mythical Camelot and King Arthur. Before Arthur, kings and "nobles" were powerful and corrupt. Might and only might made "right," and nobody was safe from anyone who was stronger. Arthur found this situation unacceptable, and so he devised a new order of knighthood based on honor, chivalry, and nobility. The knights who best exemplified these attributes were chosen for the Round Table. These knights were sworn to uphold honor and justice, and to protect the weak from the strong, to advance civilization rather than to tear it down.

Setian Nobility is similar. Recognizing the beauty and value of Maat, a Setian on this path works to follow and uphold Maat in all things. Recognizing the aid we've gotten from those bigger, stronger, and more advanced than we are, we likewise aid those who smaller, weaker, and less advanced than we are who merit such aid.

What does this mean on a personal level? It means I don't lie, cheat, steal, etc. It means I don't take advantage of people (unless they've first tried to take advantage of me). It means I donate hundreds of dollars and more importantly hundreds of hours each year to a variety of charitable and other beneficial services.


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