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7.0  Contact and Information

7.1  Formal and Official Contact

  • Postal Address:
    Temple of Set
    P. O. Box 470307
    San Francisco, CA 94147
  • Electronic Mail: You may send email to the Executive Director c/o
  • The Priesthood of Set: To contact a member of the Priesthood, send your request by postal mail to the Executive Director, who will forward it to an appropriate member of the Priesthood. (That member of the Priesthood may not indulge in electronic mail capabilities, so postal mail is usually a requirement here.)
  • Copyrighted material

    Almost all of the Temple of Set's internal documents are copyrighted and intended for internal distribution only. We do release some material for public consumption from time to time, but other material is not released. We have problems from time to time with people copying or publishing our copyrighted material. We'd appreciate anyone and everyone who helps us maintain our intellectual property rights.

    • alt.satanism, Sep 19 '94, 09:50, From : Michael Aquino, Subj : _Crystal Tablet of Set_

      DC> Why isn't the _Crystal Tablet of Set_ commercially available?

      The founders of the Temple of Set in 1975 were all veterans of the 1966-75 Church of Satan. We had observed the confusion and social problems which had resulted from the _Satanic Bible_ & _Rituals_ being available out of any qualifying (educational, background, ethical) context to anyone who walked into the corner drugstore with $1.25. [Remember when paperbacks cost $1.25?] You can see the problem as it continued through the 1980s, with any number of cranks waving the _SB_ and blaming it for all sorts of things it doesn't advocate - and blaming Satanism generally for all sorts of things it isn't.

      So we decided that our literature would be available only within a prequalified and continuing educational context, which is what we intended the Temple of Set as a whole to be. We make a reasonable attempt to admit only persons we think are sufficiently intelligent and mature to handle Black Magic wisely, and publications like the _Crystal Tablet_ are not "stand-alone" references, but part of a networking environment of intra- & extra-Temple resources [to encourage wide exposure]. So the _CT_ is a sort of "take-off point" rather than any pretense at a definitive doctrinal statement.

    • The Book of Coming Forth by Night is the inspired text which sparked the creation of the Temple of Set as it is. It's a short text, highly symbolic, and probably not useful for anyone outside the Temple of Set. Regardless, a couple of people have insisted on publishing this text on the Internet, posting it in newsgroups and/or on a web page (almost always inaccurately, with typographic errors and worse). This is in blatant violation of our copyright and wishes, and we would like everyone to a) not further distribute this text, and b) let us know whenever you find a copy, so we can work to end this violation. Thank you.

      The Book of Coming Forth by Night itself has been the subject of several questions. Primary among them is whether this was written by Set and given to Dr. Aquino, written by Dr. Aquino and attributed by Set, written by Set as channelled by Dr. Aquino, etc. In a post on alt.satanism, 10 Jun 94 10:19:21, From: Balanone, in response to, Subj: Re: Temple Of Set - the view in Sweden, I stated,

      "Medium" implies a channelled work, and brings to me images of people clasping hands around a table, while a medium moans and groans and writes out what a "ghost" or "spirit" is commanding her to write. Instead, let's say that _The Book of Coming Forth by Night_ is an inspired work, which Dr. Aquino brought forth into being through ritual activation and enhancing of his perceptions of the Prince of Darkness. On the question of how much of the _Book_ was written by Dr. Aquino and how much was written by Set, Dr. Aquino has often remained reserved, preferring to let the reader and searcher make there own decisions about this.

    • Other publications

      1. The History of the Church of Satan by Michael Aquino. Though this volume discusses the Church of Satan (1965-1975) rather than the Temple of Set, it can be invaluable in understanding the roots from which the Temple of Set came into being. The Fifth Edition (2002) is now available through Dr. Aquino's personal web page at

  • Where do I find your Temples?

    alt.satanism, Apr 04 '95, 03:12, From : "Mr. Scratch", Subj : Re: Temple of Set

    On 4 Apr 1995, DarkShroud wrote:
    > Does anyone out there belong to or know of the Temple of Set? I am interested
    > in learning more of it and perhaps joining it's ranks.

    This newsgroup is read by a number of Setians. I post here more often than most others. (I am a ToS Adept.)

    > My location is
    > fairly well removed from any of the temples known to me so I must seek this
    > knowledge through this medium.

    There is no actual "Temple" beyond the body of membership. We have active Pylons (groups) in a number of places, and rely heavily on surface and computer correspondence with those who are more distant.

    [Mr. Scratch then went on to provide the Temple's mailing address.]

7.2  Informal Contact

  • "My name is ... and i wish find a Setian Priest in my area to inquire as to joining the Temple."

    Information on how to join the Temple of Set is readily available at the Temple's web site, by following the General Information and Admissions Policies links.

    To ask the Executive Director if she can help you contact a Priest of Set in your area, a) find her email address above, b) send her your request, including your postal address and/or phone, so our local Priesthood can contact you (they may not have email).

  • Electronic Mail mailing list(s)

    Xepera-l is the only public mailing list hosted by Setians. Moderation is minimal, topics can be anything of interest to Setians, and participation is open to all who are not openly hostile to the Temple or to Setians. 2002: We have indefinitely closed the Xepera-L mailing list. We may reopen it in the future; that decision has not yet been made.

  • Internet newsgroups

    1. alt.satanism

      alt.satanism is a newsgroup for discussions of satanic philosophy, religion, organizations, activities, etc. Most Setians avoid the newsgroup because of the high level of juvenile behavior that we run into there. However, there are a few Setians who can be contacted through that newsgroup.

    2. alt.pagan

      alt.pagan attracts several Setians who belong to that community. We prefer to avoid discussing simply Setian philosophy and religion or Satanism in alt.pagan, since those are more appropriate to alt.satanism, but the relationships between Setian philosophy and religion and other Pagan philosophies and religions are on-topic and suitable for that newsgroup.

    3. soc.religion.paganism

      soc.religion.paganism is a well-moderated newsgroup in which the same topics can readily be discussed. There are probably fewer Setians on this newsgroup than on the other two, but from time to time you may find enough visiting soc.religion.paganism to hold a meaningful discussion when necessary.

  • FIDO/PODS echoes

    The Setian Discussions echo (tagname: SET, and previously named "Base of Set") was the only FTN (Fido Technology Network) echo hosted by Setians concerning Setian philosophy or the Temple of Set. Moderation was minimal, and topics could be anything of interest to Setians. Participation was open to all who were not openly hostile to the Temple or to Setians. This echo was carried on the FIDO North America backbone, and by most major hubs within PODS. It was carried in Australia by both FIDO and PODS, and in Germany (and perhaps other areas of Europe) by PODS. Unfortunately that echo closed down in 1999, and is no longer operational.

  • World Wide Web sites and pages

    • The Temple of Set's "official" World Wide Web site is; most sites dealing with the Temple of Set can be found through links from this site.

    • The Order of the Trapezoid maintains its own web site at

  • FIDO/PODS bulletin board systems: There used to be quite a few bulletin board systems owned and run by Setians, but it seems that all have them have disbanded or gone to mail-only operations.

7.3  Friendly and Neutral Others

Though I've often quoted from others' responses to frequently asked questions, still this document is just one person's compilation concerning the Temple of Set. Anyone who needs a more comprehensive view should contact one or more of the other Setians (above ), and perhaps one or more people who aren't Setian. Here are a few people who are active online, whose independent views concerning the Temple of Set at this time appear to be informed and reasonable. Please note that neither I nor the Temple of Set have much influence over nor agree with everything these people say.

  • nocTifer is an independent Satanist (not affiliated with any large organization), supporting all manner of self-described, teenage and orgSatanism where sincere. Networker and political activist, Satanic Outreach Director for the Church of Euthanasia and active member of The Ordur of K@s Under Satan (TOKUS).

  • Xina is a Pagan, not herself a Satanist, but very knowledgeable about them. Married to one of the leaders of the O.S.V., and with significant experience outside the U.S.A., Xina is more familiar with non-American activities within the Satanic movement than most other people you'll find on the 'net.

  • Chris Carlisle is an officer of AMER. She's not a Satanist, but because of her activities supporting the civil rights of Pagans, magicians, and others, she's become quite familiar with the Temple of Set and similar organizations and movements.

7.4  Unfriendly Others

Note: My goal here is to identify a few people whose messages, documents, or web pages you're likely to run into on the Internet, and who are biased against the Temple of Set for a variety of reasons. I try to concentrate only on those who are actively campaigning against the Temple of Set in one fashion or another, so you will understand a little about where their bias comes from. I will not dwell on those who have attacked or irritated us in the past and no longer do so. I also don't bother discussing the loud but otherwise insignificant twits which plague the alt.* newsgroups. They rapidly show themselves to be inconsequential to anyone of intelligence.

  • Lupo the Butcher

    When I first met him online, Lupo was an intelligent, apparently well-balanced Satanic individual, who not only participated in good philosophical and magical discussions in alt.satanism, but he had gone through the effort to become the editor/author of the alt.satanism FAQ.

    That FAQ included information about the Temple of Set, Church of Satan, and other organizations, most of which was accurate if incomplete (Lupo and earlier authors/editors had insufficient contact with the organizations mentioned.) As Setian presence in alt.satanism increased in the early 1990's, followed by members of other Satanic organizations, Lupo wanted to update the FAQ material dealing with the organizations.

    Reviewing the changes, Dr. Aquino (then High Priest of the Temple of Set) saw that the FAQ included contact information for disreputable individuals & groups such as the self-described pedophile James Martin and David Myatt of England, who under the pseudonym of "Order of the Nine Angles" publishes and endorses a ritual for literal "Satanic human sacrifice". Cautionary information warning readers who might consider joining those organizations of such specific dangers was omitted from the FAQ. Dr. Aquino requested that the Temple of Set be removed from the FAQ, since as High Priest he felt that the Temple of Set should not be associated with such people and groups. Lupo complied.

    In 1993, Lupo joined the Temple of Set. A few months later, Dr. Aquino pointed out that if Lupo was serious about Xeper, if he was serious about developing and demonstrating Setian ethics, then he should discontinue publicizing such individuals and groups in his FAQ. Lupo interpreted this as an affront to his freedom of expression and resigned from the Temple.

    Through most of this period, though Lupo had been signing his posts with his alias, he was using an Internet account which clearly identified his identity and his place of employment. About this time he stopped using that account and started using an account with instead. Though the great majority of alt.satanism participants knew where he was and where he worked, Lupo complained loudly and stridently when Dr. Aquino posted to and about Lupo using his name rather than his alias, and he complains about that to this very day (though more often he delights in simply name-calling).

    Lupo's presentation of these events is very different. He posted a response to REF version 1.0 in alt.satanism, on 9 Aug 1997, 03:53:22 GMT, Message-ID: <5sgpji$kei$>. Some of his comments corrected factual misstatements in that version, and have been incorporated here.

  • Kevin Filan

    Kevin Filan first encountered the Temple of Set through the presence of several Setians discussing Setian philosophy and the Temple on bulletin board systems. During a period when he lived in Oklahoma (near several other Setians), he joined the Temple of Set, and achieved the II° (Adept). Setian philosophy apparently didn't suit him, so sometime later he left the organization to rejoin the Roman Catholic church. That also didn't suit him, and eventually he reappeared in Pagan cyberspace, this time on alt.satanism, alt.pagan, and similar areas.

    For a while he was courteous and openly honest. He spoke his mind concerning the things he liked about the Temple of Set, about Setian philosohy, and about Setians, and he spoke his mind concerning the things and people he disliked.

    Shortly after Lupo left the Temple of Set, Mr. Filan began horribly bad-mouthing the Temple of Set in general, and the Aquino's specifically, not only complaining about the things he didn't like, but indulging in all sorts of name-calling, filth-slinging, gutter language, etc. It was during this period that I killfiled him, since he had stopped being a voice of reason.

    I understand from others, however, that he has continued his childish and gutter-level attacks on Dr. Aquino and Lilith Aquino, and on the Temple of Set, going so far as to publish Dr. Aquino's home address and phone number on the 'net, not only in Pagan areas (which would be bad enough), but also in Christian and other areas where he has encouraged society's bigots and idiots to personally and physically harass the Aquinos.

  • Mr. Scratch

    Mr. Scratch was a member of the Temple of Set for about a decade, and even a member of the Priesthood of Set for a few years. He was expelled from the Temple of Set late in the year 2000 because of an event the High Priest saw as revealing a disregard for the Temple's confidentiality and security which was not acceptable in a Priest.

    Mr. Scratch's view and interpretation of this episode is very different, as he seems to delight in posting to alt.satanism. Suffice it to say I accept and agree with the High Priest's decision.

  • Curio is a clear example of obsession gone bad, as is obvious to anyone with common sense when they read her posts. The best discussion of Curio's obsession is a post on alt.pagan, from (Dr. Aquino), dated Mar 12, '97, 17:35, Subj : Aquino Statement re Curio

  • Linda Blood was at one time a Setian. She left the Temple of Set in the 1980's, apparently because of personal reasons I wasn't privy to. Sometime after that she became obsessed with the Temple of Set and with Dr. Aquino (if she wasn't already), and eventually published The New Satanists, a vile a book of falsehoods. Dr. Aquino's response to that book was posted in alt.satanism, Date: Dec 13 '94, 16:37, From: John Youril (c/o Northern Lights BBS), Subj: Blood Book (Long). A copy of that post can be found on this site. Other comments can be found in alt.pagan, Wed Aug 21, 19:35, From :, Subj : Left Hand Path & Satanism: What it is and What it isnt...a Tradition

  • Tani JantsangPhillip Marsh

    A complete refutation of all the falacies in Jantsang's and Marsh's diatribes is both outside the scope of this document and completely distasteful (I don't want to have to read her garbage). Those who want to see detailed comments concerning Jantsang and/or Marsh can look at

    • alt.pagan, Sat Jun 15, '95, 14:22, From :, Subj : Re: Org Satanism/Christianity (was Re: Shared Mythos (was Re: ...))

    May, 2001: To be fair to her, Tani Jantsang now claims that the diatribes she created in the late 1990's were based on incomplete and incorrect information fed to her by members of the Church of Satan who wanted her to post such diatribes about/against us. She has retracted some of what she wrote then.

  • Kerry Bolton, editor of the Heretic and once leader of the OLHP, was once a highly respected Adept within the Temple of Set. As his personal network grew, he contacted more and more supposed Satanists, and eventually published advertising for a newsletter edited by someone who personally supports pedophiles (sees naught wrong with it). He also published articles in support of and advertisements for another supposedly Satanic organization which advocated "human sacrifice" in their written document(s).

    When this discrepancy between the high moral standards he had so far shown and his new advertising was mentioned to him by a Master of the Temple, rather than discuss and explore the issue, he became energetically anti-ToS and has maligned us consistently since then. His extreme reaction surprised many of us, who still remember and respect the magician and leader he had the potential of becoming. Now he seems to be little more than a puppet of other anti-ToS bigots.

    June 24, 1999: Kerry wishes to clarify/correct the above information: "I am simply stating I have never, nor will ever condone abuse of children in any form. Nor was I anyone's 'tool' in any anti-TS campaign. I expressed my own misgivings as I saw them myself, and as I attempted to document in a balanced manner, considering some of the vitriole of that time. In any event, I do not have any particular interest in TS either pro or con, and have not had so for some years."

    I will gladly agree that nothing I ever saw from Mr. Bolton ever did condone child abuse. Mr. Bolton claims that once he verified for himself that the above-mentioned advertiser did support pedophiles, he discontinued carrying those ads. I have no reason to doubt that statement. As for my "has maligned us consistently since then," though his materials doing so have been repeatedly thrust in our faces, it's possible that he himself is not involved in this activity.

  • Isaac Bonewits is blindly anti-anything which has anything to do with modern Satanism, apparently at least partly in response to his expulsion from the Church of Satan in the late 1960's or early 1970's. His bigotry has led him to campaign against AMER and other worthy activities, simply because those activities did not discriminate against Satanists or Setians. All the information you might need to know concerning this blind spot of his can be found at Other commentary can be found in:
    • alt.pagan, Wed Jan 01, '96, 15:28, From : Balanone, Subj : Bonewits diatribe
    • alt.pagan, Wed Jan 01, '96, 15:37, From : Balanone, Subj : Bonewits diatribe
    • alt.pagan, Fri Jan 03, '96, 10:00, From :, Subj : Re: Responses to Bonewits's "The Enemies of Our Enemies" - Dr. M. Aquino
    • alt.pagan, Thu Jan 02, '96, 18:19, From :, Subj : Responses to Bonewits's "The Enemies of Our Enemies" - Dr. M. Aquino
    • alt.pagan, Thu Jan 02, '96, 18:19, From :, Subj : Further Response to Bonewits - R. Menschel
    • alt.pagan, Fri Jan 03, '96, 16:49, From :, Subj : Re: Responses to Bonewits's "The Enemies of Our Enemies" - Dr. M. Aq
    • alt.pagan, Sat Jan 04, '96, 18:00, From :, Subj : Re: Isaac Bonewits's "The Enemies of Our Enemies"

7.5  Getting More Information

  • General Information Letter

    The current General Information letter (including membership information and policies) is available upon request. Write to: Executive Director, Temple of Set, Post Office Box 470307, San Francisco, CA 94147, USA. Or provide a postal - not E-mail - mailing address to:

    There are copies of that letter floating around cyberspace, available on various FTP sites and on BBSs. Unfortunately, most of them are out of date, since the introductory letter is updated semi-regularly, and the files on these unrelated sites aren't. The primary site known and guaranteed to maintain a current copy is the WWW site maintained by a Priest of Set,

  • Computerized archives

    Over the years, a number of other files pertaining to the Temple of Set were made available. These were generally intended for limited distribution, but over time were archived on various Internet and FTN sites along with material about the Temple of Set which did not originate from the Temple of Set. Many of these files contain dated information; the accuracy and authenticity of these is doubtful. In future revisions of this document, comments about these files may be added (if you bring the need for same to our attention).

    • However, be warned that a lot of files of questionable value are floating around the 'net. Check the source for each document, and if you have questions about its value, ask about it on the Xepera-l mailing list.

      For example, On Tue, Apr 29, 1997 at 03:18, re: Re: ToS and Satanism (addendum), broadcast to a private mailing list (included in this FAQ with permission):
      > as an addendum to previous text, I would point to this essay as an
      > example of questionable substantiation in the Satanic community (quite
      > possible from the Temple of Set, though I can't be sure of this) of
      > their Set-Satan connection. I omit the text and figure that you can
      > reference the URL yourself.

      Oh, It's from the Temple of Set, sort of...

      > [from]
      > $ Set in Egyptian Theology
      > $ by Oz Tech
      > [text omitted]
      > $ References:
      > $ Budge, E.A. Wallis. THE GODS OF THE EGYPTIANS.
      > $ Grant, Kenneth. CULTS OF THE SHADOW.
      > $ Graves, Robert. THE WHITE GODDESS.
      > $ Ions, Veronica. EGYPTIAN MYTHOLOGY.
      > $ Massey, Gerald. THE NATURAL GENESIS.
      > $ Russell, Jeffrey Burton. THE DEVIL.
      > I've just finished reading the last citation and it offered little
      > support for the connection. I wouldn't consider Grant a reliable
      > reference on Egyptology, Graves and Budge are thoroughly disputed.
      > I have no idea who Ions is, and have little exposure to Massey.
      > are these supposed to be indicative of exemplary citation?

      Well you know what? I contacted Oz Tech and asked that Worthy Magician what the Hel was up with that. I got this reply, and thought I ought to share it with y'all; See, I've known Oz Tech for about a decade or so...
      ---------------------BEGIN TRANSMISSION----------------------------------
      Dear Walter Five,

      Exemplary citation? Surely you jest! I wrote it as a I* Setian about ten years ago and uploaded to some Fidonet BBS.

      Your correspondent is hurting for a straw man. It's hard to believe people are _still_ passing this thing around. I guess I should feel proud, to have the work of 15 minutes taken so seriously.

      Don't they know that the real name of the Prince of Darkness is Phil?

      Oz the Short & Technical
      "A slow winter's day, a night like forever..."
      -------------------------END TRANSMISSION-----------------------------------
      And there you have it, Dear Friends. Straight from the Straw Man's mouth.
      It's a small world we live in, no?
      Blessed Beast anyway!
      Walter Five

    • Archives hosted by Setians

        Note: This is the only FTP site both managed by a Priest of the Temple of Set and dedicated to the Temple of Set at this time to our knowledge. The reliability of other FTP sites will be lower -- they will not be as accurate nor current (though admittedly, we do not expend much effort to keep this FTP site current either -- instead we maintain the WWW pages at since we believe they are of more general interest to more people). As other Setian sites are identified they will be listed at

    • Other FTP sites
    • Obsolete FTP sites (no longer useful)

7.6  Those Stories About Us

Despite our general policy of keeping a low profile, sometimes rumors about us do get spread, generally by people who dislike or fear us for some reason (perhaps because so little is known about us, or simply because of our non-Christian belief system, or for other reasons). If anyone (perhaps someone else at a location of one of our formal meetings, or someone you meet on the 'net, or some other acquaintance) should ask you any of the following questions, it's good to be able to give them the correct answers.

7.6.1    A Cult?

"Is this a cult?" No. Some people may define "cult" to mean any non-Christian religion, and then yes, we don't believe in the Christian religion. But most people reserve the word "cult" to you mean something dangerous to society or its members, and no, we're not a cult since we are beneficial to our members, and we're not anti-social by any means.

  • One common characteristics of cults (according to most people) is that they absorb more and more of their members' time until all outside activities are cut off and the members are dependent upon the cult for all social contact. As I mentioned in alt.pagan, Wed Jun 19, '96, Subj : Org Satanism/Christianity (was Re: Shared Mythos (was Re: ...)), in response to a post by Lupo:

    i> I'd be curious as to how much of a Setian social schedule is made up
    i> of hanging with the other Setians. It is my impression that, while
    i> this is not required, it does somehow end up that an awful lot of
    i> time is spent on group related activities, and hanging with others
    i> in the ToS. It might not seem so sinister were it the Rotary Club,
    i> or Freemasonry, but it is something to look at in a group of
    i> "individualists."

    I won't make a claim to be representative, but as a sample of one:
    - I attend the one annual Conclave whenever I can
    - When there's a local pylon, I attend those meetings, generally held once a month (or less often)
    - I somehow manage to get to one or two additional Setian get-togethers a year.
    - I visit another Setian at home for Setian discussion and work perhaps another 2-3 times a year.

    Otherwise, my time is spent with family, friends, co-workers, etc., as well as working on my Xeper.

    I spend probably about as much time umpiring Little League baseball on the field as I spend with Setians. I spend probably about as much time playing racquetball with a league as I spend with Setians. I used to spend a whole lot more time with Mensans at their social gatherings than I did with Setians during that time, but I've become somewhat less active within Mensa as other activities have demanded more time. I spend more time with my family than I do with Setians.

    That doesn't count work time, nor work-related social time (going to lunch with my co- workers, etc).

7.6.2    Satanists?

"Are you Satanists?" Probably not. Some of our people were members of the Church of Satan in the early 1970's, but we feel our practices and philosophies have evolved so much past that point that we have little in common with modern Satanism. Many modern Satanists say we are not Satanists. If by "satanism" you mean the worship of a Satan, or anti-Christian belief, then most definitely we are not, since we do not believe in the Christian god, Jesus, nor devil, and we have little reason to be "anti-Christian." If by Satanism you mean an antinomian freedom from the unreasoning limitations of various elements of society, then by that definition we would qualify. (See 2.3 -- Satanism for more discussion of this question.)

7.6.3    Naziism and Fascism

Are you fascists? Nazis?

  • No. See or [as of July 6, 1998, the copy was not found online] for one member's discussion of this question.

  • Because of his activity in the northern traditions, and because of some strive between groups of Asatruar, Magus Flowers has been the target of several rumors:

    • alt.magick, Date : Jun 23 '95, 12:13, From : Balanone, Subj : Runes: Edred Thorsson sought

      On Jun 21, 1995, wrote to All
      re: Re: Runes: Edred Thorsson sought

      Ag> In article <3s6ssc$>
      Ag> "B.A. Davis-Howe" writes:
      > ARe you aware that Thorsson is a neo-Nazi Satanist? He is a member
      > of the neo-Nazi group within the Temple of Set. Now, I'm not going
      > to say that Satanists don't have the right to freedom of religion
      > as well, but I think it is suspicious that Thorsson/Flowers doesn't
      > acknowledge that connection (as a bias) in his writings and that he
      > uses two distinct pen-names to keep his Asatru books separate from
      > his book (books?) on German magic of the class which some of the
      > Nazi party are alledged to have practiced.
      Ag> I seem to recall there was some debate not too long ago
      Ag> about whether Thorsson is a Nazi or not. Perhaps some
      Ag> evidence to back up your statement would be helpful.

      Indeed. Counter evidence: As Grand Master of the Order of the Trapezoid within the Temple of Set, Thorsson has not only welcomed members of various nationalities and races into the Order, but he has supported the creation of a Lodge within that Order where the Lodge Master is a black Priestess (black as in color of skin, as well as color of magic).

      Counter evidence: The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Temple of Set is of Jewish descent, as are quite a few others within the Temple of Set. Thorsson works well with these whenever areas or directions of activity converge. I am of Jewish descent myself, and have received some spontaneous gifts from Thorsson (books or articles he has written) which deal specifically with areas of my own initiation.

      I've been a member of the Temple of Set longer than Thorsson has been, and in all that time I've never seen nor heard of any sign of neo-Naziism on Thorsson's part.

    • alt.pagan, Date : Oct 14 '94, 16:42, From : (Al Billings), Subj : Re: Asatru

      I could speak from an official capacity. I'm a Godman in the Ring and the Steward for the State of Washington. I can, offically, say that the Ring is not racist, sexist, or homophobic as a group and discourages the same as much as possible in the membership. I can also officially say that the Ring was never founded as a "front" or similar BS by the Temple of Set. Edred Thorsson (Stephen Flowers) who founded the Ring was a long-time member of the Asatru Free Assmbly and when that group fell apart, he decided to found a new organization. Part of what caused the AFA to fold was the constant political wranglings by Neo-Nazis and Racists trying to take over a religious group and use it for political purposes. Edred wanted a group where this would clearly not be possible and also wanted a group where scholasticism and the actual study of old Norse beliefs and practices academically would be encouraged to help our religion flower to its fullest extent. This is why the Ring has the anti-racist provisions and this is why we have an Elder Training Program with high academic standards. It takes years of work to be an Elder and it is not easy but it will pay off when gaining public acceptance and dealing with other religions, not to mention that having a group of people who have spent years learning the old lore in detail will benefit the religion in a long run.

7.6.4    Presidio

What about the Presidio stories?

On August 14, 1987 CE the San Francisco home of Lilith and Dr. Aquino was raided by San Francisco Police officer Glen Pamfiloff on a search warrant obtained as a consequence of the accusations of Army chaplain Lawrence Adams-Thompson that the Aquinos had kidnapped and sexually abused his stepdaughter as part of the Presidio of San Francisco day-care witch-hunt.

These claims were investigated in depth by the SFPD, the FBI, and the US Army CID. No charges were ever made in any jurisdiction, and the evidence has shown Dr. Aquino and Lilith Aquino to be innocent of any such activity. Full details can be read in the alt.pagan post, dated Sun Jun 02, 22:14, From :, Subj : Re: Curio courts the CAW.

7.6.5    Other Occultists

  • Why should Wiccans, Druids, and other types of Pagans defend those who call themselves "Satanists" against the Christian majority?

    I've never understood why Wiccans, Druids, and others might think we want their defending. There are ethical and social reasons to do it, and that's why Setians generally defend other Pagans against discrimination and other forms of attack, but Satanists don't need others to defend them -- Satanists would be happy if other Pagans would simply stop buying Christianity's lies and attacking the Satanists as if allied with Christianity's blind bigots.

    • alt.pagan, Date : Apr 12 '95, 18:45, From : Balanone, Subj : S,W, and W (continued)

      On Apr 08, 1995,
      mark wrote to All
      re: Re: S,W, and W (continued)

      > I use "Satan" as a symbol, not because I think there is any sort of
      > invisible boogy-man by that name, but because it represents the absolute
      > opposition to the Christian ethos and the prevailing moral climate. More
      > than "Atheist," more than "anti-christian," this word is an in-your-face
      > "I am the opposite of what you are," statement.

      m> *sigh*

      m> The reason I refuse to defend Satanists is their chief
      m> symbol. Could you explain to me why you took a name from the
      m> Xians, and try to redefine it, and claim it isn't the same
      m> deity? I mean, you aren't using Shaitan, or any variant.
      m> You're using one that, as far as I know, is unique to
      m> Xianity (dunno 'nough 'bout Islam). On top of which, I keep
      m> seeing things like the Temple of Set being called Satanist
      m> (rather than Setians).

      m> *Try* to give me a good reason to defend y'all, and a way to
      m> do it, esp. if I find myself arguing with someone whose
      m> world-view doesn't even allow for the possibility that
      m> *anyone* can disbelieve in their deity, and that the *only*
      m> other choice is following their anti-deity.

      Speaking as one of those Setians who is frequently called Satanist,

      1) My usual defense runs along the lines of, "You call me a Satanist. OK, let me tell you the truth about me. Now, /that/ is what you're calling Satanic. Seems kind of foolish to me..."

      2) I don't see any reason why you or anyone else needs to "defend" Satanists. Agreed that the title is highly questionable. I also don't think most Satanists need or even want your defense. I believe all Satanists want is for their alternative lifestyle fellows to stop joining the ranks of the enemy casting or spreading lies about them.

      Therefore, don't stop telling those blind fundamentalists that you're not a Satanist, since you're not. Just don't buy what they tell you about Satanism (you don't buy what they tell you about witches and pagans, do you?).

      And perhaps one more step -- when you don't buy what they tell you about Satanism, then also don't give the image of supporting them in their lies. Let them know that just like you disagree with them about witches and pagans, you know people who claim to be Satanists who don't match the common hysterical claims. If you can do that, I think the Satanists will be more than satisfied.

    • Another answer to this question, as well as to the next question, was posted by Tanith Tyrr on alt.satanism.

  • "Are you witches?" That depends upon your definition of a "witch." We do explore activities which many people would call "magic," such as telepathy, divination, and methods of strengthening our souls and spirits through mental and spiritual discipline. However, modern witches usually believe that their magical powers come from one or more gods or goddesses, and many Christians believe these powers come from the devil. We don't believe in any such gods or goddesses or devils. Most modern witches claim we are not witches.

  • Perhaps the most important point to know and remember about us is that we believe a primary requirement of self-improvement and individual Xeper is to be honorable and ethical. We do not tolerate any illegal activity. We do not tolerate any illegal drugs, and we frown upon excessive use of legal substances like tobacco and alcohol. We believe in individual freedoms, and respect everyone else's desire to live life the way they want to, asking in exchange only the freedom to be able to live life the way we want to.

    We do enjoy companionship and camaraderie. At our various conclaves, many of us will gather in private rooms, local restaurants, and the hotel lobby, and we'll just talk for hours, about almost anything. Some of our people will even sometimes forget to go to sleep, being so wrapped up in talking to people they see only once or twice a year.

    We enjoy life, we enjoy growth, and we enjoy each other. If you spend time with Setians, you'll find that most of us smile a lot, honest smiles, reflecting the enjoyment we find in life.

  • What about Magda Graham?

    alt.pagan, Date : Sat Feb 17, '96, 16:36, From :, Subj : Re: Definition: Setian, forwarding statements from Dr. Aquino:

    KF> Magda Graham, a British Satanist, refused to get involved in
    KF> the tiresome bickering between Setians and LaVeyan Satanists. To
    KF> retaliate, Magister David Austen (a member of the racist
    KF> National Front) released her name and address to a group of
    KF> fundamentalist Christians. Ms. Graham was driven from her house
    KF> by the ensuing harassment.

    Magda Graham was/is editor of a British Satanist newsletter _Dark Lily_. In 1990, without any provocation whatever, or advance checking with the Temple of Set for rebuttal facts, Graham published an anonymous and completely inaccurate smear article on the Temple called "Pretenders to the Throne". [Three years later Peter Gilmore, a LaVey representative, would claim authorship of this piece & reprint it in his newsletter.]

    My own response to the _DL_ publication was simply to print an analysis & corrections to "PT" in a Temple of Set newsletter, with an invitation to Graham to reprint it in _Dark Lily_. This she never did.

    The rumor that Magister David Austen publicized Graham's name & address maliciously was started by a British occult critic named Ian Read. In a subsequent letter to a New Zealand correspondent who had further circulated Read's rumor, Austen commented:

    "Indeed it has been made clear from a variety of correspondents that I did not threaten Magda with exposure to the media. This assertion of yours is grossly inaccurate & out-of-date. Approximately two months after the furor arose over 'PT', Graham and I reinstated our friendship with a promise of better communications next time & an exchange of phone numbers.

    "In the time after the _DL_ 'PT' attack, I merely invited Setians in contact with the magazine to write directly to Magda, particularly since British Monomarks (who supply the BC & BM mailbox services) can be rather slow in forwarding mail.

    "Insofar as Read's comments in _Chaos_ are concerned, you are either ill-informed or prone to adding bits on. Indeed cowards like Read who make such comments, then refuse to justify them or even reply to letters ought to beware. However, being fair, the _Chaos_ article did *not* suggest that the lady's address was being handed over to *fundamentalists*."

    Austen also happens to be a member of a perfectly conventional, and non-racist, British political party.

7.6.6    The Setian Illuminati

  • Base of Set echo, 05 Dec 93 13:07:57, From: Balanone, To: KHABIT, Subj: Re: Tos

    JB> currently, yes. However, i was told that back in the early
    JB> days of ToS, that potential members were subject to a
    JB> background check, equivelent to that required to get a top
    JB> secret security rating in the army, by an individual who
    JB> claimed he had been a ToS member.

    Ba> I joined the Temple of Set in the "early days", and never went
    Ba> through any such background check, nor was I aware of any other
    Ba> who did.

    KH> If I might interject here, this very possibly could be in
    KH> relation to Dr. Aquino's supposed former job in the Psychological
    KH> Warfare Dept of the US Army as detailed in 'To Ride a Pale Horse' by
    KH> Bill Cooper. Now, personally, i'd be suspect about getting into an
    KH> organisation run by someone who used to brainwash for a living, but I
    KH> dont know that for sure, do you, or anyone, possibly Dr. Aquino
    KH> himself, if he's out there, tell me what the deal is regarding the ToS
    KH> and the US army, and the claim by Thorsson that the ToS are conducting
    KH> psychotronic research, given that it is claimed that the US Military
    KH> was doing likewise?

    1) Dr. Aquino has been on active duty and I believe is still on reserve duty with the Army. That's been his career, a source of income, and his way of contributing to his country. It has nothing to do with the ToS, except that some of his Army acquaintances have since joined the ToS independently.

    2) There is no active relationship between the ToS and the Army or any branch of the government. At least I've been unable to find one in well over a dozen years of membership.

    3) Psychotronic research is a form of research, pursued by some within the ToS as part of their interest in Xeper. It's being pursued generally by the same people who are studying angular sounds and shapes. If the U.S. military is also studying this field, that's either coincidence or a mere fluke of timing.

    KH> Mind you i'd like to point out here that I dont necessarily
    KH> believe 'they are all baby eating illuminati puppets' etc etc. But
    KH> i'd be very interested to get some kind of reply on this, because it
    KH> raises in me a few large questions.

    And how are you going to get answers you believe? If we're the deep, dark, evil organization people claim we are, then you can't believe anything I write here. How are you going to find the truth?

  • Do you infiltrate other occult groups?

    No. Believing that Xeper is more important than just about anything else, we're too busy with our own initiation to try to infiltrate other groups. This suggestion has appeared from time to time, with different groups.

    1. Back on Oct 6, 1993, in the PODS ADF Echo, I posted:

      On 30 Sep 93 21:19:01, Gar Nelson posted to Darkweaver concerning: coitions
      >^gt; don called me back and told me she was a high priestess of
      > temple of set and aquino had sent her to like, infiltrate. (?!?)
      > besides the fact we would have bored the pants off an
      > "infiltrator",
      GN> Yeah, I can just picture an infiltrator! What an exciting report
      GN> *that* would make.

      And, Ron Kimball posted to Darkweaver on 02 Oct 93 11:46:00
      D> Eigenhauser of fog city nest (caw) in SF sent someone to
      D> join adf here in san jose. i never talked to her because of my
      D> daughters situation, but yesterday don called me back and told
      D> me she was a high priestess of temple of set and
      D> aquino had sent her to like, infiltrate. (?!?)
      RK> Have you considered the possibility that she has left TOS and now
      RK> legitimately wants to join ADF? I bet if you asked her you
      RK> wouldn't have to wonder about it. We, after all, do allow
      RK> ex-satanists to join...
      D> besides the fact we would have bored the pants off an
      D> "infiltrator",
      D> i am reading patriot games and , isn't this exciting!! i can't
      D> imagine why they would bother,
      RK> I'll bet yah twenty dollars that TOS WOULDN'T bother. If they
      RK> wanted
      RK> to get the "inside scoop" on us, they can just read it all here!

      I hope y'all don't mind my lurking here ... my Sysop just added this echo to our selection, and having had some very enlightening conversations with members of the A.D.F., I had to look in. (You're welcome to visit the NuitNet Base of Set echo if you wish.) Then I happened to find these two messages, and ...

      Having been a Setian for quite a number of years now, I'd have to agree with RK -- the Temple of Set doesn't bother infiltrating other organizations. We don't like it done to us, and we don't do it to others.

      I don't know whom you're discussing, but it's most likely an ex-Setian or a disappointed member who's looking for other options. (Less likely, it's someone who's trying to figure out a way to benefit from the animosity that Mr. Bonewits seems to have for the Temple of Set, but I imagine that's something you can handle.)

      And as far as "she was a high priestess of temple of set," we don't have any such thing. We have female initiates in high places (several in the IV*, and at least two on our board of directors), but no "high priestess" title or grade. More, no Priestess (III* Initiate) would join the A.D.F., knowing Mr. Bonewits' feelings about us (we have better things to do than increase the animosity towards Setians). An ex-Setian who once held that Grade might consider joining the A.D.F., but neither of us should have much problem with that in my opinion.

      D> I told domi that i thought they were behind lady jeanettes
      D> personal shit, for reasons of my own; but we both agreed we
      D> didn't need to get terribly paranoid.
      RK> True, it is interesting the Lady J. seems to have some training
      RK> that she isn't willing to talk about, instead making up things.
      RK> Points to her having a LHP past. I personally doubt that she is
      RK> presently connected with TOS. They seem to have better things to
      RK> do, although I DO wish Isaac would lay off of them. Might improve
      RK> his personal health...

      Again, I don't know who this Lady J. might be, or what her past might have been, nor even whether she might be a current member of the Temple of Set. However, I can state with fair certainty that we were not "behind" whatever problems she might have caused. At least, I've never known any III* (or higher) Initiate in the ToS ever cause or influence problems in any other organization. (Now if she had some internal instability which was made worse by experience in our not always supportive environment, and that problem erupted in your environment, then I guess you can say we contributed to the problem, though not intentionally so.)

      D> i think somebody is playing mind-fuck for the sheer joy it gives
      D> the underlifed.

      RK> True, and they are rather good at it, aren't they? I believe
      RK> LHPers call this LBM (Lesser Black Magic) which is sorta similar
      RK> to the techniques a high pressure salesman uses crossed with
      RK> those "How to get Revenge on Your Neighbor" books they sell in
      RK> the back of _Solder of Fortune_ magazine...

      LBM is a bit broader than that, but otherwise that's a beginning look at it. However, the mind-fuck use is pursued only by those who are juveniles in behavior. When Setians (at least those of us who consider ourselves to be responsible members of society) use these tools, we do so for specific personal goals and objectives, not for "playing mind-fuck for the sheer joy" of it.

    2. alt.pagan, Oct 06 '94, 18:31, From : tyagi mordred nagasiva, apparently quoting an alt.satanism response from Dr. Aquino, Subj : Re: Views on Satanism: Neopagan (LONG Correspondence Otter/me).

      While some might claim that Dr. Aquino's statement would be expected posturing, it's important to note that nobody in the CAW organization ever provided any indication that there was anything more to G'Zell's initial bluster.

      Tyagi Nagasiva writes {quoting Otter G'Zell - CAW}:
      * * * * *
      One of our members used to be a member of the Temple of Set's Circle of Nine. He quit ten years ago when Michael Aquino presented his new agenda: to infiltrate and redirect the emerging Pagan movement onto a more Satanic pathway. Perhaps I will have him tell his story, and expose this Setian agenda so we can all get a real good look at what is really going on here.
      * * * * *

      Absolutely untrue and absurd. Why would I possibly want to steer people of non-Setian [or non-Satanic] dispositions in the direction of a philosophy or religion they are not emotionally or intellectually equipped to handle? The result - assuming success - would be a real zoo. No thanks! [And incidentally the board of directors of the Temple of Set is the *Council*, not "Circle", of Nine.]


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