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The Temple of Set has mostly tried to maintain a low profile since its beginning in 1975. Partly because of this low profile, partly because of its ties with modern Satanism, partly because of the freedom and individuality of its members, partly because of the background of its founding members, and partly for other reasons, the Temple of Set has also had a controversial reputation.

The purpose of this web site is to provide basic information about the Temple of Set in an honest and mostly objective manner.

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Balanone has been an active member of the Temple of Set since early 1976, and so is intimately familiar with Setian philosophy and practice. While this web site is just one person's statement, and not an official statement from/by the organization, this person has the depth of experience to be reasonably confident in his accuracy. Corrections, additions, and differences of opinion from other members of the Temple of Set are more than welcome, and within reason all such will be included in this site. I also welcome corrections, additions, and suggestions from others as well.

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The Temple of Set

The Temple of Set is probably best described as an initiatory magical order of the Left Hand Path, a description which probably doesn't mean much to those without occult backgrounds.

"Initiatory" means the ToS advocates self-advancement through a series of levels of self-knowledge and similar attributes.

"Magical" means that the ToS openly works with magic (non-scientific cause and effect), not stage magic.

"Left Hand Path" indicates that the path followed by Setians is one of concentration and refinement of the self, leading toward more and more individuality and more and more individualism, as opposed to the Right Hand Path goals of growing toward some outwardly determined standard.

The primary source for information concerning the Temple of Set is at its own public web site,

Balanone has been online through FIDOnet, PODS (a similar network, by/for Pagans), and Usenet for several years, and has finally created Temple of Set FAQ and REF documents answering questions asked about the Temple of Set. (The revision history for these documents is kept in Balanone's Temple of Set FAQ/REF Changes.)

A short while back, a few months before beginning the FAQ/REF project, Balanone created two web pages with basic information concerning the Temple of Set. This information has now been rolled into the FAQ and REF documents, but those interested in seeing the progression of this information can view the original web pages at About the Temple of Set and More about the Temple of Set.

Some files in Balanone's archives can be difficult to find on the Web, even though they do a good job of examining one or more specific aspects of the Temple of Set. They're slowly being collected for reference online.

If you want to contact people in the Temple of Set, and your browser can launch a mail program, click on the mail-to links below. The mail will be sent to a special mailbox I've set up, and I'll forward all reasonable mail to the indicated individual.

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